osu!tools resource list

This is a list of 3rd party tools related to the rhythm game osu!

If you would like your work added to the list, please make a pull request at the github repository.

Not familiar with github? Join my development discord and make a feature request.

Disclaimer: The new version of the API (V2) is still under development by peppy. Apps using V2 wrappers are subject to breaking if peppy makes a change.

  • Python3 API https://github.com/circleguard/ossapi

    Support for both V1 and V2 of the API.

    Python3 API https://github.com/Sheepposu/osu.py

    Designed specifically for V2 of the API.

  • C# API https://github.com/Kiritsu/OsuSharp

    Support for V1 only, V2 is WIP.

  • golang API https://github.com/thehowl/go-osuapi

    Support for V1 only.

  • node.js API https://github.com/nicholastay/nodesu

    Support for V1 only.

  • OsuCollectionGenerator https://github.com/LuzianU/OsuCollectionGenerator

    Allows for easy creation of collections.

  • CollectionManager https://github.com/Piotrekol/CollectionManager

    Tool used for sharing collections in osu!.

  • Collection Exporter https://jaasonw.github.io/osu-collection-exporter/

    Web app that exports collections to a list of copy pasteable links.

  • USA State Leaderboard https://states.osutools.com

    A self-maintined leaderboard for all 50 states.

  • Custom Leaderboards https://osuchan.syrin.me/

    Leaderboards for many different skillsets or groups of people.

  • Country Snipe Leaderboard https://snipe.huismetbenen.nl/rankings/ca/osu/weighted-pp

    Shows how many #1's players have on country leaderboards.

  • osu! Achievements / Medals Discussion https://osekai.net/medals/

    Provides information on achievements and how to earn them as well as sorting for unachieved medals using osu! login.

  • Open Tablet Driver https://github.com/OpenTabletDriver/OpenTabletDriver

    Cross platform tablet drivers with no admin access required, peppy has implemented a version of this into lazer.


  • Hawku https://github.com/hawku/TabletDriver

    The "original" tablet driver. Unmaintained, but still very popular and stable.


  • Devocub https://github.com/Devocub/TabletDriver

    Fork of the Hawku drivers with some added features.


  • Mapping-Tools by Olibomby and Potoofu https://mappingtools.github.io/

    Program used for advanced slider creation, hitsounding, timing, among other helpful tools.

  • MapsetVerifier https://github.com/Naxesss/MapsetVerifier

    Tests for quantifiable issues in beatmapsets, such as unsnapped objects and unused files.

  • SliderStudio https://slider.little.moe/

    Online tool used for advanced slider creation.

  • osuCollabTool https://github.com/Himada4/OsuCollabToolFinal

    Program that can merge and compare .osu files, among other things.

  • storybrew https://github.com/Damnae/storybrew

    Storyboard editor with robust features.

  • Matchmaking https://oma.hwc.hr/how-to-play

    1v1 and 2v2 matchmaking system.

  • osu-ahr https://github.com/Meowhal/osu-ahr

    Creates and hosts auto-rotate lobbies.

  • osu!tracker https://osutracker.com/

    Tracks player data, has some unique statistical breakdowns including a global pp value.

  • osu!stats https://osustats.ppy.sh/

    A stats website that shows top plays for individual days. Hosted by peppy.

  • osu!skills http://osuskills.com

    Shows which skills you are better or worse at compared to your peers.

  • osu!track https://ameobea.me/osutrack/

    Well organized tracking / breakdown of user profiles.

  • osekai https://osekai.net/

    Resource used for custom leaderboards and information on achievements/medals.

  • osu!daily https://osudaily.net/

    Profile stat tracker with robust user history.

  • osu!stats https://osustats.click/

    In depth user profile with built in pp calculators.

  • lookatmysco.re https://lookatmysco.re/

    Clean scorepost sharing without unnecessary details.

  • gosumemory https://github.com/l3lackShark/gosumemory

    Memory reader written in golang, incredibly customizable.

  • Stream Companion https://github.com/Piotrekol/StreamCompanion

    Program directed towards osu! streamers, with functions such as map information and key counter.

  • Real Time PP Display https://awesomeopensource.com/project/OsuSync/RealTimePPDisplayer

    Calculates osu! game data in realtime.

  • .osr to mp4 Converter https://github.com/uyitroa/osr2mp4-app/

    Converts replay files to video.

    Outdated and not maintained, danser has effectively replaced this program.

  • danser-go https://github.com/Wieku/danser-go

    High fps video creation tool for osu! replays.

  • o!rdr https://ordr.issou.best/

    Online tool used to create renders of osu! replays.

  • ezpp! https://github.com/oamaok/ezpp

    Calculate pp in your browser. Support for Chrome and Firefox.

  • osuplus https://osu.ppy.sh/community/forums/topics/408541

    Additional stats for the osu website. Supports Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

  • pp calculator https://osu.ppy.sh/community/forums/topics/1504072

    Up to date pp calculator extension. Support for Firefox and Chromium-based browsers.

  • osu! cleaner https://github.com/henntix/osu-cleaner

    Helps clean up your game if you have a lot of maps.

  • FunOrange osu! Trainer https://github.com/FunOrange/osu-trainer

    A standalone program designed to create custom settings for existing maps in the osu client.

  • osu-pps https://osu-pps.com/

    Resource used to find the most overweighted maps in osu!.

  • osu!helper https://github.com/Tyrrrz/OsuHelper

    Helps find new maps for you based on your top plays.

  • osuskinner https://osuskinner.com/

    Online tool for skin mixing and creation.

  • Circleguard https://github.com/circleguard

    A collection of tools to aid in the detection and review of cheaters.

  • REAL - REduce Audio Latency https://github.com/miniant-git/REAL

    A program to reduce audio latency in Windows 10.

    Unmaintained and may disable a CPU thread (can be fixed by restarting computer)

  • osr2mp4 https://github.com/uyitroa/osr2mp4-app

    A program to convert a replay file into an mp4 file.

  • Rewind https://github.com/abstrakt8/rewind

    A beatmap/replay analyzer that is currently in development.

  • beatmap_reader https://github.com/sheepposu/beatmap_reader

    A Python library for reading beatmap files. Aims to implement lots of beatmap utility. Some notable utility already implemented in built-in slider curve calculation.